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The olive town Story

Slide ENJOY RURAL LIFE Inspired by tales of your grandfather’s pioneering days, pack your bags and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. Slide You’ll have your work cut out for you: your grandfather’s farm has been reclaimed by nature over the years. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and rebuild your grandfather’s dream. Slide HELP THE PEOPLE OF OLIVE TOWN Olive Town – just a stone’s throw away from your farm – is a port town resting gently on the coast of the peninsula. Slide It might be a quiet little town, but it is home to a whole host of unique characters.
While the townsfolk get by well enough in this picturesque seaside locale, a little more tourism never hurt anyone…

Key features

The brand-new entry in the STORY OF SEASONS franchise is putting down roots on the Nintendo Switch! This long-awaited entry in the original farm/life simulation offers players more freedom than ever before!

Slide TAME THE WILDERNESS Discover the plants and animals that make Olive Town their home and unearth the secrets of the world around you.

Hidden within nature are new crops to grow, animals to tame and resources to help you build the farm of your dreams from the ground up.
Slide ENJOY FARM LIFE Use the resources you find by exploring to build all the facilities you need to be a thriving farmer, with the freedom to build whatever you want, wherever you choose.

Refine your tools to free up your time, with sprinklers to keep the crops watered, and all kinds of new machinery that helps ease the burden on a busy farmer. What will you do with your leisure time?
Slide THE PERFECT PLACE TO RELAX Pick up your camera and take up photography as your new hobby. Capture images of vistas, or of the cute wild animals that make the forests their home. Donate your photos to the museum, and they can keep track of all the animals you discover. Slide JOIN THE COMMUNITY Olive Town has a thriving community, with many friendly locals keen to help you find your feet.

A new request system highlights the game’s fresh features while you lend a hand to the townsfolk.

It’s not all hard work though - participate in local festivals as the town comes to life with over 200 unique events!
Slide MEET THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE As you get to know the friendly faces of Olive Town, you may just find yourself falling in love.

Follow your heart and find that special someone from the ten eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in Olive Town. Find love, get married - you can even start a family!

Expansion Pass

Enhance your life on the farm even further with new characters, costumes, and more! Available to download now from the Nintendo eShop.

Slide OLIVE TOWN JUST GOT CUTER Ever wonder what Olive Town's eligible bachelors and bachelorettes would look like dressed up as cute, fuzzy animals? Wonder no longer!

This set allows you to dress up all 10 marriage candidates to make your town feel a little wilder.

Available now!
Slide EMBRACE YOUR WILD SIDE Take a walk on the wild side with an adorable set of animal costumes for your character!

Available now!
Slide OLIVE TOWN'S MYSTERY FILES Get ready for the STORY OF SEASONS series' very first mystery scenario!

Strange incidents are happening all over Olive Town! It's up to you, Mikey, and Cindy to shed some light on these mysterious events. Get ready for the STORY OF SEASONS series' very first mystery scenario!

Available now!
Slide WINDSWEPT FALLS! A set of school uniforms for studious farmers and their potential partners.

Available now!
SCHOOL UNIFORMS Explore a refreshing, brand-new area, home to four characters from a past entry for the Nintendo 3DS™ system.

Includes two additonal marriage candidates!

Available now!
Slide COMING SOON... TERRACOTTA OASIS Discover an exotic oasis, home to four characters from STORY OF SEASONS!

Includes two additional marriage candidates!

Available now!
Slide YUKATA SET A festive set of yukata decorated with ornate patterns.

Available now!
The Earth Sprite Village is livelier than ever, and the sprites are determined to revive their legendary dance and hold a feast…with or without Boss Sprite's permission!

Available now!
Slide TWILIGHT ISLE Sail to an island bathed in twilight, home to four characters from STORY OF SEASONS: Trio of Towns!

Includes two additional marriage candidates!

Available now!
The following costume sets are available now to owners of the Expansion Pass!

Available now!

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